Spring is coming to Devon

Spring is on its way bringing feelings of new beginnings. The bulbs are flowering, the trees are beginning to blossom and the days are getting longer. I have even cycled to and from work a couple of times without using my bike lights which was joyful!

My personal new beginning is a website dedicated to my soaps and bath salts. It is a step forward for me bringing with it new things to learn (how to use WordPress and how to have a relationship with online customers) and also enabling me to sell the soaps and bath salts to a wider audience. Spring with its sense of moving forward is a great time to think ahead and plan new projects. I am planning new bath salt blends – for pregnancy and the postnatal period and also new fragrances for soap and developing a range of facial oils and shampoo bars. Watch this space for news of future products…. and enjoy the change of season.





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