Woman 50

When my friend Dinah turned 50 I thought that I should create a gift for her to celebrate this fantastic milestone. This is how the Woman 50 soap and bath salts came into being. I had turned 50 four years previously and found it quite a difficult decade at the outset. I now realise that being in my 50s has so many advantages in terms of creativity, experience, confidence, but to begin with I found being peri-menopausal and then menopausal a real challenge.

I researched the essential oils which give support to women in the menopause and found two blends that were really beautiful. The soap has a heady floral fragrance and a really creamy feel and I use Egyptian geranium, ylang ylang and clary sage. The bath salts have uplifting neroli as part of the blend and Dinah told me she finds them deeply nourishing and confirming and like being in a warm embrace! So the present was a great success and I intend to develop the Woman 50 range to include a facial oil and body cream. So much to do ….


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